A leading entertainment chain achieved 10% revenue lift through personalized incentive adjustments.


Revenue Lift


Increased Annual Revenue


Annual Cost Savings


Client had an annual “reinvestment” budget of ~$50m in scope and was looking to optimize that spend via:

Improving revenue generated in return

Surgically reducing budget

Focusing on digital, short-term incentives to stimulate demand

The client had full control over AM controls and ran a dozen different scenarios to determine how they wanted to leverage the technology long term.


Within 10 weeks AM was integrated and able to inject personalized incentive adjustments to maximize revenue directly attributable to “reinvestment” spend, enabling:

Personalized tuning of incentives for maximal effect

Rapid adjustment to changing market sensitivity

Automated integration of competitive "battleground" into incentives

Individual level elasticity predictions leveraged for broader marketing

Today, Adaptive Pricing has become a core

competitive advantage

for the hospitality chain,

with mission-critical outcomes such as:

Today, Adaptive Marketing has become a core competitive advantage for the entertainment chain, with mission-critical outcomes such as:

Sustained demand lift from repeat customer base

Automated course-correction for changing market realities

Active lever for up/down budget movements to govern yield

Consumer intelligence learnings for the broader organization